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Buy your Ceroc entries in advance and save money, the more you buy the more you save.
10 £72.00 £8.00
25 £175.00 £25.00
50 £340.00 £60.00
75 £495.00 £105.00
100 £640.00 £160.00

Each Admit One gives you entry to a class or freestyle up to the value of £8.00. If the class or freestyle is more you pay the difference on the night. For example if the entry price is £10.00 you pay £2.00.

Terms and Conditions

1. Admit Ones must be bought online. (Not available to buy at venues)

2. The Admit Ones you order will be added to our entry system, no tickets are posted out to you.

3. Please allow one week for your Admit Ones order to be available on our entry system at venues.

3. These Admit Ones are only valid at venues run by Ceroc Passion.

4. Admit Ones can only be assigned to one person.


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Secure payment is through Barclays Mercantile, we do not store or hold any credit card information from you.

Once you buy, we will send you a confirmation email by return.

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