Ceroc Modern Jive classes appease a range of people for a variety of different reasons. Our event organisers work closely with our members to ascertain exactly what they want from a night out. Following a recent telephone survey, the following 5 reasons came out on top (in order, starting with most frequent)

1. Meet friends for a drink and dance - Members selected their number 1 reason for attending Ceroc Modern Jive as the opportunity to catch up with the people that they had met in previous weeks. Ceroc adult dance classes are conducted in a very relaxed environment. Often venues have bars and seated areas and, as well as the dancing, people like to see their friends, meet new people and catch up in a social dance setting. People make new friends, find a dance partner, find romance and even find love at Ceroc! Whatever your intention, the atmosphere is always friendly and accommodating.

"I went to Ceroc to keep fit and lose weight, but it turned out to be so much more! I immediately felt welcome by all of the other dancers. I got a great dance workout and found Ceroc Modern Jive was a very easy to learn dance style, but more importantly I meet new people, some of which I would consider my best friends today. The dance helped me to lose weight, but I continue to attend to see my friends, keep in shape and enjoy a safe night out."

Vanessa Marie - 7 months dancing

2. Learn new dance moves - The second most popular reason people gave for attending Ceroc Modern Jive classes was the opportunity to learn to partner dance, learn easy dance moves and partner dance with confidence. Ceroc Modern Jive is an easy to learn dance style, with no complicated footwork or timing. The adult dance classes attract a range of ages and abilities, but regardless of age or background, you will be able to partner dance after your first night.

Ceroc is the biggest dance club in the world because it is so accessible. Whether you come alone or with your partner, you will pick up dance steps every time you attend, ranging from Beginner dance moves up to Intermediate dance steps and Advanced partner dance challenges. Our world class teachers go through a very selective training process to ensure that they are delivering the highest standard of dance instruction, and each dance routine is carefully tailored to suit every beginner dancer and advanced dancer alike.

"I am now entering my 20th year of dancing! A long time I know, but I am still enjoying the chance to learn new moves. I still attend beginner dance classes every week because my teacher always gives me new hints and tips to help improve my dance style. The intermediate dance routine always provides me with some great moves for my repertoire, and it is a real laugh working out the moves with the men I have met in the lesson!

The new spotlight move is my favourite, an advanced Modern Jive move which really challenges everyone. Sometimes it works well, sometimes I don't get it, but I love the thrill of learning each week. I have tried West Coast Swing classes, Salsa Classes, Swing Classes, Ballroom Classes, Rock and Roll Classes, even Lindy Hop Classes (although my knees won't work that well anymore!) and I have never found a style as diverse and easy to learn as Ceroc Modern Jive. Next week I have been told that we are going to learn the Tango Lunge Seducer! Bring it on!"

Sandra - 20 years + dancing

3. Meet new people/ make new friends - Ceroc Modern Jive enables you to turn up alone, and still find a dance partner, make new friends and jive the night away. Many of our members turn up alone, and through Ceroc they make new friends and even find love at dancing!

Because of the rotational class system, every dancer dances with every other dancer in the room by the end of the class, and the teacher ensures that all dancers adopt the Ceroc etiquette of welcoming, inclusion and support. Beginner dancers can jive with advanced dancers, couples partner dance together but then break away and jive with other people, dancers in a group of friends welcome more people into their group.

"After the launch of Strictly Come Dancing, my work place decided to put on a talent competition. I am a beginner dancer, brand new, never danced. My wife suggested I go to Ceroc to pick up some easy dance steps to wow my colleagues. I'd never heard of adult dance classes before!

I turned up feeling very nervous on my first night. A Taxi Dancer Michelle took me for my first dance in the class. She showed me the easy dance moves, and within 10 minutes I knew the Octopus off by heart.

By the end of the class, not only had I learned the dance routine, but I also knew 5 names of people around the room. These people became very close friends over the next few weeks and we always sat together at one of the tables at the back of the venue. One of my new friends, Paul, helped me create a Salsa dance routine for the work talent competition, and has even offered to choreograph a wedding dance for my daughter who is getting married next year! Great people, and dance friends for life.

Oh and the dance competition..I got second place. Next year, after more practise, I'm going for gold!"

Jeffrey - 9 weeks dancing

4. Keep fit/ stay in shape/ lose weight - Also up there in the top 5 reasons is the opportunity to lose weight, stay in shape and exercise through dance and Modern Jive. The dance music that is played in our classes is very diverse - Chart music, Club Music, RnB Music, Latin Music, Jive Music, Swing Music, Rock and Roll, West Coast Swing rhythms, Salsa Music, Tango Music, Blues Music - the list is both endless and varied.

This music can range anywhere from 80 - 180 bpm (beats per minute). You may have a slow Blues, Soul, Funk or West Coast Swing track, where you can have a calm, relaxing sway with your dance partner. However, crank up the high tempo Swing, Jive, Rock and Roll, Dance, Club or Salsa music, and the exertion for your body can be phenomenal. The movement can help tone your legs, toning bottoms, tone arms, lose weight through aerobic exercise, keep fit and sweat through cardiovascular movement, and the more classes you attend, the more you stay in shape.

"I hate the gym, I loathe running, and can't stand these vile dance DVD's you can do in your own front room! Ceroc is a cheap night out, an easy to learn dance, I meet new people every week and most importantly I stay in shape. Dance exercise is the only fitness regime I have. I attend Ceroc 3 times a week, I eat healthily and it is all I need to keep fit.

I take a towel and a change of clothes each week because I sweat a lot, so I know I am getting a good dance workout. I drink lots of water which is great for cleansing the system and on a few occasions I have even worn a pedometer..you run for MILES in a Ceroc Modern Jive freestyle! Dance fitness is the only fun way I have found to stay healthy and keep fit. I do it 3 times a week, un-begrudgingly, and intend to do so for a long time in the future.

My favourite tracks are the Swing tracks, the Lindy Hop style tracks, the Rock and Roll music and the really heavy Dance music..they're the ones that really get your heart rate pumping!"

Jennie - 8 years dancing

5. Value for money - At the bottom of our top five, but still an important factor, is value for money. Ceroc Modern Jive offers a cheap night out, great value for money entertainment and provide offers for free entry, money off and Beginner dance packages.

The entertainment industry is getting more expensive. Nightclubs, cinema, bars, restaurants and the theatre are all becoming increasingly rare opportunities for those without dispensable income. Ceroc Modern Jive is a fun night out and a cheap night out. It is a dance party for a friends night out, as well as being a safe night out for singles. Our calendar features dance lesson, nights, dance workshops, dance party nights, dance weekenders and taster classes in a variety of styles such as Tango, Ballroom, Latin, Salsa, West Coast Swing, Lindy Hop and Blues.

All of our events are priced competitively and always great value for money for our members. Our main aim is to provide the best dance party we can at the lowest cost.

"I'm not a penny pincher but things seem to be getting out of hand. My girlfriend Kelle and I went to the Cinema at Westfields and, after paying parking and some popcorn and cola, ended up 50 worse off! Also, as a couple, we never dream of going out for a night in Central London without at least 100 in our back pockets.

Mid week, it's nice to know we can rock up to a couple of local Ceroc venues, 8 to get in, couple of quid on bottles of water, and that's it! Great fun, dancing with friends, dancing with my partner, great music and a great work out, and it is all so affordable.

Great value for money Ceroc! Kelle has even received a free email entry for next week. Wednesday really will be a cheap night out."

Paul - 3 years dancing

Ceroc Modern Jive can be enjoyed at over 250 venues across the world.

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