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2nd December - Peterborough Motown and Soul Night
The ever popular sound of Motown & Soul takes centre stage at Peterborough with a cracking night of classics through the ages.
Cripps Freestyles - 06 December 2014
Regular monthly Freestyle party at this popular venue. Great crowd and superb floor.
Friday 12 December - The Rugby Freestyle
Pure freestyle with exceptional music & hosting by Marc & the Rugby crew. A classy night out. Pay on the door £10
Thursday 18th December - The Rugby Christmas Party
Icebreaker class & secret santa gift swap & extra freestyle time. Check out the flyer for full details.
Daventry Event- Sat 27 Dec - BLACK MAGIC & SPARKLE
Daventry Event - 3 rooms - 5 DJs - 3am finish - the weekender experience in 1 night Book on line for discounts
Monday 29th December - The Winter Ball
Two room late night celebration with the Buckingham collective. All inclusive food & drink included. Early bird tickets £10.
December 30th - Peterborough Freestyle
Marc & Rachel host a late night dancing in Peterborough with an icebreaker class & freestyle from 8.20pm to 11.30pm
Escape Events
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National Ceroc Champs - Sunday 3rd May 2015
At the fabulous Watford Colosseum with over 15hrs of spectacular competitions & entertainment plus freestyle dancing
COLOSSUS - Saturday 24th January
The Colossal annual freestyle at an amazing 550 capacity venue! Also including a full afternoon of workshops.
We have been introducing people to the world of partner dancing for over 27 years and today we are the biggest dance club in the world with hundreds of classes across the globe.

Our stylish dance, sometimes referred to as 'Modern Jive', is a fusion of Salsa, Ballroom,
Hip Hop, Tango and Jive. We make learning
to dance fun, easy and relaxed. 

Going to a Ceroc evening is a great way to meet people, have fun and keep fit all whilst learning to dance. Find out more >>>